Don’t Let the Kitty Kill Your Nest Egg

Don’t Let the Kitty Kill Your Nest Egg

Upgrades in the master bathroom and kitchen helped buyers care less about extensive damage from kids and pets. This home sold over asking price in under 60 days.

Outcome: $30k invested netted the seller $50k more and we met their timeline

The Story

white kitchen photoNeal and Karrie’s home in Grayhawk had been overrun by their kids and pets, plus they had little time in their busy schedules to make needed upgrades and repairs in their home. The deferred maintenance items, the lack of upgrades in the kitchen and master bathroom and the presence of cats created a challenging situation. How was the Sibbach Design team going to turn this house around to sell it on the owners timeframe and net more out of the house than the cost to prepare?

First of all, because the pet/kid damage was so extensive around the property there was no way to fix everything. We knew that one particular room where the cat mainly lived needed to be gutted; all layers of flooring removed, drywall removed, enzyme-powered deoderizer applied and then put all back together. Done.

But as for the rest of the house, Sibbach Designs knew because the of the high-demand in the neighborhood if we focused on making a modern kitchen and master bathroom, then buyers would care less about the other damage to the floors, walls, trim, etc that was left.

After painting the cabinets and upgrading the countertops in the kitchen and bath, coupled with a partial appliance package in the kitchen and tiled shower in the bathroom; BINGO! The house sells in under 60 days while netting the sellers $20k on top of the $30k they put into the house to get it ready.

Pinpointing which aspects of the property to improve determines whether the project is worth it or not for our clients. Had we fixed all the damage around the home, the cost of repairs would have been greater the increased sales price. The client would have been better off to sell it as is. However, these clients, with this house led to another 5-star review for the Sibbach Design Services Team.