Addressing Near Rocks and Far Rocks

Addressing Near Rocks and Far Rocks

The Design Team helps to ease the impact of undesirable features by addressing “near rocks” to achieve multiple full price offers.


home with dirt drive way photoSally was a personal referral client who wanted to sell her home in Sunrise Desert Vistas. She had a gorgeous home that sat on 4+ acres but it suffered from several challenges; hauled water, dirt driveway, steps down into the garage and pool, worn carpet, a broken central vac, a bee issue and general deferred maintenance. Hauled water was the biggest of these challenges. Back in 2013 and still today, buyers tend to be scared off by homes with hauled water because they are most likely unfamiliar and uneducated on its functionality.


In order to get top dollar for her home, we decide it was best to focus on the “near rocks,” aka items immediately visible and easier to fix, which would then relieve the impact of the “far rocks,” aka items harder to remedy and sometimes less detectable.

Buyers of 2013 and today make snap decision based off of listing photos so it’s important to address the “near rocks.”

We want to showcase the home in top condition for a buyers who are scrolling online. There is also value in resolving the “far rocks.”  As the average life span of people has increased, home buyers put more consideration in items that may impact their lives down the road, like steps.

Our Design Team had the carpet deep cleaned and/or replaced, touched up interior paint, capped the broken central vac (Sally would have had to pay for the $2,500 repair after inspections), got rid of the bees and took care of the deferred maintenance items.

The home was now ready for the market with the “near rocks” resolved which accentuated the great interior updates including Perma-Flex stucco (big long term bonus). We listed the home at $980K and went under contract within 30 days. This contract ended up falling out but fortunately we had a full price back up offer. The Sibbach Team continues to market a home even after it has gone under contract for scenarios like this.